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Have you really experienced Amsterdam? Not until you’ve lived these festivals!

Being one of Europe’s most inviting and scenic cities is a big draw, but what’s more is that the Dutch love their social events. So instead of looking at Amsterdam from the typical perspective of things to see, (which are always there) why not plan a trip based on when things are happening that you …

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Top Ten things to see in Amsterdam

  Amsterdam is a lovely city of thrilling bike paths, tranquil walks, bohemian neighborhoods and gentle garden escapes. Here’s a suggested list of ten diverse and memorable ways to see the city in its ecclectic and charming character.

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The cultural offerings of Amsterdam

  Amsterdam is a success story of ingenuity. Much like the beautiful canals of Venice, this watery capital was founded on great engineering and sustained with international trade. From a tourist perspective this is one of the best cities to walk or bike in. The city is well connected via trains and its airport to …

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