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May 11

Budva: you may not have heard of it, but its known as the Monaco of Montenegro

  It is often described as a quiet corner of Europe or an alluring lesser known country, Montenegro in every case is a country of fascinating beauty and Budva is one of its premiere coastal towns that draws good tourism and a vibrant summer travel scene. Budva particularly affords some of the best beaches along …

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Jul 16

Why is it worthwhile to visit Montenegro?

This country has been increasing in popularity for several years now among tourists to Europe. Some may still not even know Montenegro is a country, but for those who have been or maybe seen a picture or two it is a gem of a country, a special treasure that we’ve loved exploring in Southeastern Europe. 

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Mar 23

Here’s the best day trip from Dubrovnik: Kotor, Montenegro

  Kotor is a town situated in the Northern part of Montenegro. It is only 70 kilometers away from Dubrovnik in Croatia. Kotor is a wonderfully preserved medieval city, surrounded by walls situated in a spectacular bay overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

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Feb 28

Sveti Stefan: the island-hotel of beautiful Montenegro

  Many remote islands of singular beauty are home to exclusive resorts and as such can only be admired by those who actually arrive. Sveti Stefan which sits just 5km from the beach city of Budva, Montenegro is at least viewable from the shores as it is an island just a few hundred feet out …

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