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Europe’s Baltic countries are perfect for a combined itinerary

  Europe’s Northern Frontier is a quiet and less visited landscape of rolling hills, scenic drives and a mix of capitals and interesting little towns all along the way. The countries bordering the Baltic Sea, namely, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are referred to collectively as the Baltic region.   We find this region to be …

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10 things not to miss in Tallinn, Estonia

  Tallinn, the capital of Estonia is a fascinating  and charming town, despite its small size it is one of the best examples of well kept medieval cities in Europe. It is just simply amazing to walk around the historic center and enjoy the beauty of cobble stones and ancient buildings, in a lot of …

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Ferry options between Helsinki Finland and Tallinn Estonia

  The Scandinavian and Baltic countries are Northern Europe’s scenic frontier. Visitors to the area can enjoy a variety of diverse cultures and artistic capitals within a good proximity of each other. When visiting Tallinn Estonia or Helsinki Finland, it is very easy and enjoyable to take a ferry over the Baltic Sea to enjoy …

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