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Czech Republic is a treasured place for cross country skiing

  It is a fact that some of the main ski resorts worldwide are in Europe and no one denies that Eastern Europe takes a very important part of this cake too. Czech Republic and particularly Prague are among the most visited destinations around the world but their ski centers are not necessarily well known …

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Karlovy Vary: a delightful Czech spa town

  Karlovy Vary is a spectacular small town in the heart of the region of Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Those looking for an idyllic European city full of quaint architecture, cozy hotels and ubiquitous spas should look no further than here.

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Boscolo Prague, an Autograph Collection property by Marriott in Czech Republic.

  Prague is a gorgeous city. Palaces, castles, awesome restaurants and some of the best hotels of Europe are here. One needs several days to explore this treasure of a city. The Boscolo hotel can be found here, it belongs to a small chain of luxury hotels from Italy, but as such it has been …

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