Category: Czech Republic

Jun 25

Prague: The best city to wander without a map

  Prague is a beautiful and magical city, a place full of charm with breathtaking architecture, first class hotels, great restaurants and fascinating history. It is a city we can revisit again and again without boredom.

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Dec 21

A railway journey from Berlin to Prague

  Berlin and Prague are two major European Cities that can be easily combined in a single trip. The easiest way to travel between both cities while getting a taste of the countryside between is to do so by train.

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Jul 03

We know Prague is beautiful but here are other cities to see in the Czech Republic?

  The Czech Republic is exploding with medival architecture and natural beauty. We think of it as one of Europe’s best kept secrets. Prague is a city with international appeal for good reason, but there are many, many little towns all around the country whose names you’ve probably not heard but whose beauty can inspire …

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Mar 17

Czech Republic is a treasured place for cross country skiing

  It is a fact that some of the main ski resorts worldwide are in Europe and no one denies that Eastern Europe takes a very important part of this cake too. Czech Republic and particularly Prague are among the most visited destinations around the world but their ski centers are not necessarily well known …

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