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Jul 04

Best Spas of 2018: The Raffles Istanbul

  The Raffles Spa in Istanbul is one of our favorites on the list so far and we have returned to the hotel many times because of the beauty of its Spa.  In a city of Ottoman glory often expressed by powerful opulence and palatial adornment, the Raffles Spa brings the beauty of this distinctive …

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Jan 26

The Best Destinations of 2018: In November you get Italy all to yourself

  This isn’t just a tip from a random trip or forum, we lived in Italy for years and dealing with tourists is just another fact of life most of the time. However the month when the streets were deserted and it felt like everything was most accessible and enjoyable is certainly November.

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Jan 20

The best destinations in 2018: Slovenia is scenic in October!

Traveling can take you places you never thought existed and Slovenia is a travel destination that has made a life long impression for us on the value of the roads less traveled. 

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Jan 11

The Best Destinations of 2018: August is time for unexplored nature in Andorra

The beauty of Andorra is something completely overlooked in mainstream travel and while this is a complete shame, it allows those of us looking for exclusive and pristine escapes to have it all to ourselves.

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