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Dec 28

The Best Destinations of 2018: May is a great time for the United Arab Emirates, with pleasant weather, manageable crowds and agreeable hotel rates

    The UAE is a thrilling destination year-round for its futuristic cites, world record style buildings and amenities as well as distinctive Arab culture. It can be quite crowded in high season December through March and very low season June through September can have scorching heat. May sits right in the sweet spot by …

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Dec 02

Entering Dubai with an Israeli stamp in the Passport

Dubai is one of the hottest destinations right now. It is part of the United Arab Emirates. Several nationalities can enter the country without even needing a Tourist Visa. The process for those who need one is quite easy. One can apply using the Emirates Airlines system (for those flying with them) or it can …

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Jul 12

The Most Luxurious Hotels in Dubai

    The United Arabic Emirates is a hotbed of hospitality. They have quality for miles and it is only heightened by the services and beauty of hotels. Almost every month new properties are opening and there is always something new to see.

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Jun 17

Lebanese food is a travel favorite of ours and Li Beirut in Abu Dhabi is a spectacular expression

  The United Arab Emirates prides itself on being the epicenter of world class experiences for every aspect of lifestyle. This includes quality of life, hotel, home and apartment living, shopping malls, schools and of course restaurants. With that understanding in mind and stomachs hungry for Lebanese (considered the essential middle Eastern expression of cuisine) …

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