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Sep 14

Sentosa Island: Singapore’s recreation destination

  In an island nation like Singapore, space and development are two critical factors in the rhythm of life. There is much modernization but also place to relax and enjoy the tropical nature. Known as Singapore’s playground, Sentosa Island is home to beautiful beaches, natural retreats, theme parks, and great family fun.

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Aug 21

SATS Airport lounges Changi, Singapore: review

Changi Airport is a wonderful and large facility that is friendly and comfortable for passengers with any status or length of time between flights. For those with airline lounge access this translates to a high standard of lounge comforts and experiences all around the airport. 

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Jul 12

Pita Pan: An affordable and healthy option to eat in Singapore.

  Singapore, the city state has many wonderful aspects that attract travelers from around the world, but affordability is not necessarily one of its virtues. In fact it is regarded as a place mostly for those with deep pockets. The truth is that with some planning a trip to this country can be done, including …

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Apr 12

Top attractions in Singapore

  The increased tourism by Western countries to Asia as well as the already big tourism industry of the Asian nations has made certain capitals real hubs for traffic and exploration. Singapore sits in a unique geographical location for moving people, but more than its physical situation, its penchant for business, trade and a high …

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