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Jul 11

What to know before visiting the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia

  The Kremlin is more than just a museum or a palace, its a cultural preserve, the seat of power, an architectural maze and a city within a city. We consider it one of Moscow’s best attractions and very worthwhile for all the history, art and architecture you can take in with one visit.

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Jul 10

How to get from Airport to City Center in St. Petersburg, Russia

  Russia’s Polkovo Airport serving St. Petersburg is not as well connected to the city by modern means as would be Moscow. The site is around 15km away from the downtown. On the plus side however the taxi options, bus options and shuttle to metro line options are not too expensive. 

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Feb 20

Museums are world class in St. Petersburg Russia

  The city of St. Petersburg can be see as one of the world’s first truly planned cities. It didn’t evolve over time, but rather was planned and carried out from a wild woodland to serve as a showcase city for culture and national pride. It should not be surprising then that the entire city …

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May 04

Travel Basics: Trans-Siberian Railway Journey

  Regarded as the world’s most iconic railway journey, crossing 8 time zones and over 4,000 miles of land, the Trans-Siberian is a traveler’s adventure to be certain. Here we won’t go into exhaustive detail about the trip, tickets, and experiences. Rather we will give a general explanation and layout for those looking to decide …

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