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Apr 15

Boracay Philippines, the island that’s going on a vacation

Boracay is a small four mile island, but it has won over every sort of domestic and international traveler to the Philippines in recent year because of its pristine white sand, turquoise waters and laid back vibe. It serves as a thinking point for us in terms of sustainable travel and good trip planning.

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Nov 13

Upscale shopping in the Philippines, Makati is the home of chic.

The glitz and glamour of Makati is well known in and beyond Manila. This is the uptown district of the day where locals and  tourists to the Philippines can get samplings of the world’s top retailers, imports and luxury items from ice cream to leather goods. Here are the main shopping centers, they are well …

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Sep 24

How to transit between terminals at Ninoy Aquino Airport Manila

  Being equated with terms like “hated” “nightmare” and “worst” has been the fate of Manila International Airport for some time now. The overcrowded and piecemeal operation consists of four passenger terminals – T1 through T4. Many passengers would expect to find the standard means of terminal connection: a skytrain, buses, underground walkways, but forget everything …

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Aug 20

What to Experience in Makati, Philippines

  Being one of sixteen districts that makes up the Metro Manila area, Makati is the neighborhood of the moment, the spotlight for trends, riches and fame. Other parts of Manila have risen and fallen in their epochs of renown, but Makati at least for now is the place to be. 

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