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Jun 21

Langkawi Malaysia: a hideaway beach paradise

  We have been to our fair share of luxury and world’s best beaches in our travels. Some have incredible, unspoilt nature, but the drawback is they can be so remote it takes forever to get there or accommodations are a premium. Others with exotic beauty might be more accessible but way more overrun by …

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Jun 17

A Spa and Restaurant excursion at the Ritz Carlton Langkawi

On our recent trip to Langkawi there were so many great hotels to see, but not enough time to stay at them all! So we made sure to branch out and have a few non guest experiences of other hotels so that we could get an idea of what they offer.

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Sep 17

The World Through the Eyes of Travel Bloggers: Malaysia, Home away from home

Malaysia and Singapore has been home to Indians for decades, many of them who moved to these regions during the first half of the 20th century have called it home for so many years. We moved to Malaysia in 2009, as newly-weds, to a place many of us may not have heard of at all. …

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May 01

Public transit is awesome in Kuala Lumpur, here’s how to use it:

  Kuala Lumpur boasts one of the most convenient and accessible transit systems we’ve found in a major world city. There are several types of transit on any given street corner or intersection of the city. The official name of the system is My Rapid and the website for this system is fully integrated with maps, transfers …

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