Category: Khzakstan

Mar 17

The Ritz Carlton Almaty Kazakhstan

  A skyscraper embodying the ultra modern and high luxury promises of a new hotel awaits visitors to the charming city of Almaty Kazakhstan. This Ritz Carlton Almaty is sincerely one of those hotels that stands out in its own brand and our vast hotel experience as one of the more memorable places to stay. …

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Feb 01

Almaty, a beautiful introduction to Kazakhstan

  One might think of Kazakhstan as a distant place of intrigue and suspense. It certainly is so, but it is also quite familiar, especially in its grand cities such as Almaty. This former capital but still quite relevant largest city and cultural hub promises exciting things to see and explore for long and short …

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Feb 12

Almaty Airport Review

  Almaty Airport in Kazakhstan represents the country’s largest international airport and even though this still biggest city is no longer the capital, it still holds the rank as the country’s most populous city. That makes international destinations, traffic and routes more extensive for visitors to Kazakhstan.   Arrival: Our experience of the airport on …

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Jan 18

Transport in Almaty Kazakhstan

  Arriving to the city of Almaty is certainly a far reaching destination for many and while there is not much tourist transit information posted, the city has a very good public transportation system as well as taxi system.

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