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Feb 28

Osaka: Japan’s second city is fun, curious and a little wacky

Osaka from above may look like another crowded and generic big city, but spend some time shopping, relaxing, touring and eating and you’ll see like we did that this city has lots of character. It can be too overwhelming to try and see it all, so plan on two to three days and see if …

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Nov 19

Travel Attraction: Spa World Osaka Japan

  There are attractions in cities around the world that can truly be said to be memorable, for their uniqueness or impact and Spa World in Osaka struck us as one of these places. Our love of slow travel and affordable luxury often includes finding hotels with great sauna‚Äôs jacuzzis and steam rooms, a great …

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Feb 17

Why Kyoto Japan is considered a top Spring destination

  The Spring season is evocative of new life, color and the best time to visit in the destinations we’ve posted in the countdown, but nowhere is as iconic as Kyoto Japan, with the entire city bursting into the bloom of cherry blossoms. Kyoto is a city filled with intrigue and allure. Besides the optimal spring temperatures …

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Oct 06

Affordable transit between Osaka and Kyoto, Japan

  There are many different routes and transit offerings to take one from Osaka to Kyoto and back. We found so many online it seemed overwhelming. It depends also where you are coming from in either city. If from the airport in Osaka you will take different buses and trains than from in the city …

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