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Feb 11

Top ten things to see in Jerusalem

  Very few cities can compete with Jerusalem in history and religious importance. It is one of the most beloved destinations in the world and a powerful place where past and future melts to create this singular experience. Jerusalem is the heart of many religions and a great place to visit by those who love …

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Jul 18

The world through the eyes of travel bloggers: Israel

I`ve been traveling to several countries, around 20 in number and each of that countries has a unique culture and experience. When I decide to write this text I was thinking which travel was best for me to describe, shortly afterwards I realized that Israel is the country that I spent most time and travel …

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Apr 13

Going to Israel? These are unmissable Christian sites

  Traveling to Israel is a fascinating experience for everybody, but it represents even a more powerful journey particularly for those who seen in this destination what they call the Holy Land. There are many meaningful places for Christians belonging to different denominations.

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Aug 07

Is it safe to visit Israel?

  Many travelers wonder if it is safe to visit Israel. Summer is a busy time and many groups and solo travelers are scheduled to arrive to Israel in the upcoming weeks.. It is good to know that In normal circumstances ¬†cities such as Tel Aviv or Jerusalem are safer than many other major destinations.

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