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Jan 18

The best destinations in 2018: September is ideal for Sanya, China

What is Sanya and why should I go there? might be the first question even seasoned travelers ask even before asking why September is a good time to go. In our experience it is one of the best luxury destinations in the world right now that’s not on everyone’s radar. 

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Jan 15

Winter sports in exotic locations, why not head to China?

  Winter sports are an increasing attraction in China. As with many other aspects about this giant nation in Asia, it may be almost unknown for Western tourists, the fact that millions of Chinese practice skiing and snowboard in their own country. Expatriates living there are more familiar with the many places that have been …

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Oct 16

How to take a bus from Beijing to the Great Wall of China

  Our first trip ever to China included a stop in Beijing and of course we thought we cannot miss the Great Wall! We wanted to do it via public transport and it took a few tries honestly, information was scarcer then, but the great adventure yielded wonderful results.

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Jul 01

The Terracotta Warriors of China: our trip of a lifetime and how we got there

The Terracotta Warriors are one of China’s most fascinating and well known attractions after the great wall. They are every bit as impressive as they seem in pictures and the museum which houses them is a treasure to visit. 

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