Category: California

May 10

Temecula Valley: A first encounter with Southern California’s wine country

This rural and scenic part of Riverside county is a different experience of California wine country compared to the Central and Northern regions we have visited in the past. It is one of the newest wine regions in California, celebrating 50 years in 2018.

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May 06

Santa Ynez Valley: George’s favorite California quiet place with relaxed vineyards, towns and coasts

  Leaving Los Angeles two hours behind us was all that it took to discover one of California’s sleepiest and most scenic places to indulge in the good life: The Santa Ynez Valley.

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Apr 29

Our convenient Los Angeles getaway: The Ritz Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara

  Don’t get us wrong LA is a wonderful place to be! It has great hotels, restaurants and world class cosmopolitan experiences, but for all that glamor, our hearts abide in the coastal cliffs, rolling hills and majestic vineyards of California and the Ritz Carlton Bacara sits right at that frontier.

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Apr 23

San Gabriel: the colonial gem of Los Angeles California

Los Angeles inspires modernity, change and multiculturalism as much as any major metropolis can and it certainly has older and newer sections of the city which we have enjoyably explored. We recently discovered the most historic section of the city; the veritable birthplace of this massive endeavor: San Gabriel.

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