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Apr 23

San Gabriel: the colonial gem of Los Angeles California

Los Angeles inspires modernity, change and multiculturalism as much as any major metropolis can and it certainly has older and newer sections of the city which we have enjoyably explored. We recently discovered the most historic section of the city; the veritable birthplace of this massive endeavor: San Gabriel.

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Apr 07

San Juan Capistrano: California’s most beautiful mission

  This centerpiece of Orange County in Southern California and the renowned home of architectural wonders and the famous swallow birds is a site not to miss. Set in the former mission hills and valleys it is a timeless compound full of centuries old artwork, modern displays and unique architecture. The setting is the small …

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Sep 26

The top 5 benefits of staying Airbnb in California

  It comes as no surprise to us that California is the birthplace of Airbnb. First off it can be a costly place to stay which is very true in San Francisco where Airbnb was founded. However California does have excellent hotels with world class service. So it is not that we don’t recommend staying …

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Aug 09

How to spend a perfect day in Napa

  We arrived to California’s premiere wine destination on a road trip between Lake Tahoe and San Francisco. It was a perfect break point on the drive because we arrived just around lunch time when the wineries were opening. 

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