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Dec 21

The essential Panama City, Panama

  A city steeped in history and cosmopolitan charm, this ever-expanding skyline, hub of the Americas and Miami of the South offers much to explore for the business and leisure traveler.

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Apr 11

Transit from Tocumen Airport to Panama City center

Panama’s Tocumen International Airport is rightly known as the hub of the Americas. It is the home to COPA airlines and as such serves as a transfer hub for flights all over, but it is also the main gate of entry for tourists to the country as well. Getting to and from the airport efficiently …

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Nov 08

Hotel Review: JW Marriott Panama: Golf and Beach Resort

  Set in the undisturbed farmlands and private shores of the Panamanian Pacific rises a heavenly escape, the JW Marriott, as a golf and beach resort it offers spectacular environs in which to enjoy both of these pleasures and many more in between. What is even more attractive is that the greater area within which …

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Oct 24

Copa Lounge at Tocumen International Airport Panama

  Since Tocumen International airport is known as the hub of the Americas it certainly is an airport that is well suited to the needs of many connecting travelers from all around the America’s and beyond. Still it is a place that seems to be always in flux, always expanding and with good reason, it …

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