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Jan 04

The best destinations of 2018: July brings incredible value in beautiful Guatemala

  Guatemala in July is a trip that should not be overlooked. It is one of the most beautiful countries in Latin America with colonial towns, nature, and a modern capital. Many may worry about safety issues but the situation has really become tourist friendly in recent years with improvements in every capacity.

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Oct 20

Is it safe to visit Guatemala? tips to have a great trip to this beautiful country

  Guatemala is a fascinating destination in Central America it is very affordable with many excellent restaurants and wonderful hotels, despite of all the virtues Guatemala has as destination it may be dangerous at times. Keeping in mind the peculiarities of the destination along with a normal doses of prudence a trip to Guatemala can …

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Sep 15

What to see when visiting Guatemala

Natural beauty, millennial old cultures, colonial cities and delicious food comes together in Guatemala. There is a lot to see in this little Central American country. There are great hotels and wonderful restaurants. The capital city is served by a modern international airport with connections to the USA, the rest of Latin America and Europe. …

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Feb 24

All that you need to know: going from Guatemala City to Antigua Guatemala

  Antigua Guatemala is one of the most beautiful colonial cities of Latin America. It is located 45 kilometers from Guatemala City. It was the first capital of Central America. Independence from Spain was declared there. It is a city with amazing natural beauty, incredible history and impressive colonial heritage.

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