Category: Costa Rica

Apr 18

Hacienda Alsacia: Starbucks’ first coffee farm experience in Costa Rica

We are great fans of the liquid gold that is coffee, it powers our world and is a drink of distinction that can be savored like a fine wine or an expensive whisky. Typically big chains like Starbucks buy coffee in bulk from various growers and bring it to the US and process it to …

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Dec 23

The best destinations in 2018: March is best for sunshine and solitude in Costa Rica

  March is one of the best months to visit beautiful Costa Rica because it is the driest month of the dry season. This means lots of sunshine. It is really the calm before the storm of tourism as well because late March to Early April is when many tourists come on their Spring or …

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May 08

Things to do in a trip to Costa Rica

  One of the most beautiful countries in the Americas has so much to offer in such a little territory. The friendliness of the locals, delicious food and beautiful nature is just part of the attraction. It is a tropical paradise to discover and here are some of the best things to do while visiting …

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Oct 18

“Sodas” ideal places for authentic Costa Rican meals

  Costa Rica is a destination where tourist infrastructure is done very well, which means you can find roadside restaurants, hotel restaurants and places to eat anywhere from the beach to the rainforest. Most likely food will be a combination of local flavors and many outside influences from fast food to gourmet. 

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