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Feb 16

Florida’s coasts offer many unique cultures which one fits your Spring Break plans?

  Spend enough time in Florida and you will soon realize that besides traditional names of beaches and towns, the tourism infrastructure has grown in such a way that certain sections of coastline in Florida have their own profile. This is a breakdown of those names and what a visitor can expect to find on …

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Jan 26

Brazil is getting easier to reach as it extends a tourist e-visa to several new countries

Brazil has long been a place of alluring attractions, but the visa requirements for some countries were a bit inconvenient. A new roll out has begun with U.S. citizens being the latest to benefit from the e-visa regime which has recently been put in place for Japan, Australia and Canada.

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Jan 04

The best destinations of 2018: July brings incredible value in beautiful Guatemala

  Guatemala in July is a trip that should not be overlooked. It is one of the most beautiful countries in Latin America with colonial towns, nature, and a modern capital. Many may worry about safety issues but the situation has really become tourist friendly in recent years with improvements in every capacity.

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Dec 27

The Best Destinations in 2018: April is the time to take advantage of shoulder season in Park City, Utah

  Park City Utah is one of the most elite mountain sports destinations we’ve experienced in the US and not just in peak season! Because of the seasonal nature of the destination, prices can be exponentially higher in winter and summer, but a great perk to take advantage of is the month of April when …

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