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Apr 23

San Gabriel: the colonial gem of Los Angeles California

Los Angeles inspires modernity, change and multiculturalism as much as any major metropolis can and it certainly has older and newer sections of the city which we have enjoyably explored. We recently discovered the most historic section of the city; the veritable birthplace of this massive endeavor: San Gabriel.

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Apr 18

Hacienda Alsacia: Starbucks’ first coffee farm experience in Costa Rica

We are great fans of the liquid gold that is coffee, it powers our world and is a drink of distinction that can be savored like a fine wine or an expensive whisky. Typically big chains like Starbucks buy coffee in bulk from various growers and bring it to the US and process it to …

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Apr 07

San Juan Capistrano: California’s most beautiful mission

  This centerpiece of Orange County in Southern California and the renowned home of architectural wonders and the famous swallow birds is a site not to miss. Set in the former mission hills and valleys it is a timeless compound full of centuries old artwork, modern displays and unique architecture. The setting is the small …

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Feb 16

Florida’s coasts offer many unique cultures which one fits your Spring Break plans?

  Spend enough time in Florida and you will soon realize that besides traditional names of beaches and towns, the tourism infrastructure has grown in such a way that certain sections of coastline in Florida have their own profile. This is a breakdown of those names and what a visitor can expect to find on …

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