Category: Airline Reviews

May 18

An experience of Air China: Los Angeles to Beijing to Jakarta

  In recent months we have found some very tempting fares between the USA and Asia on Air China. We had flown the airline several times before from Europe and found it to be a convenient and no frills experience, so we took the plunge to see how the Intercontinental route looked.

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Nov 27

Flying with Frontier Airlines: how bad is it?

Low cost airlines bring the thrill of savings but often a shudder of red to anyone who has flown them. Cramped and uncomfortable spaces, seemingly higher stress in traveling and of course the idea of why didn’t I just pay a little more comes to mind.

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Aug 25

Airline Review: China Eastern Airlines

    Recent trips in around and stopping over in China allowed us to access the services of China Eastern Airlines, a national carrier. The distinctive white planes have a red and blue stripe down the side culminating in the outline of a swallow bird. This is China’s second largest carrier and one of the …

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May 01

How reliable is it to fly low cost in Thailand?

Millions of tourists are arriving to Thailand every year, it is certainly one of the hottest destinations right now. There is a lot to see and to do in a country that offers everything. With the arrival of tourists there has been an explosion in services, tourist infrastructure and of course airlines.

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