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Jun 08

Sidi Bou Said, is one of our favorite hidden gem destinations in Tunisia

The charming city of Sidi Bou Said is often considered one of the premiere attractions to see in the vicinity of Tunis and Carthage. It possesses all the attractions of an alluring day trip, easy access by public transport and roadways from the capital, wonderfully scenery of nature and the town along with one of …

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Nov 21

Touring the Medina, the most essential piece of Tunis, Tunisia

  The North African cities are almost always centered around abundant and labrynthine marketplaces. These hallowed alleyways are the stalls for shops of produce, clothing, jewelry, hot meals and all of life’s necessities.   In the modern bustle of spread out cosmopolitan cities, most of the world has forgotten how pedestrian shopping, chatter and browsing …

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Sep 04

When to go and What to see in Tunis, Tunisia

  This North African getaway is a melting pot of culture, archeology, and dynamic landscapes. Tunisia is ideally perched along the Mediterranean Sea and its charming local atmosphere is certainly well manifested in Tunis the capital and its suburban districts. Spring is an excellent time of the year to visit because days are warm and …

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Oct 21

Top things to do in Tunis

  The North African country of Tunisia may be small in comparison to its neighbors, but it has loads of history, ruins, markets and culture to be explored. For anyone touring North Africa or moving around the European Mediterranean Tunis, the Tunisian capital is well connected and perfectly satisfactory as a tourist destination. 

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