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Dec 29

The Best Destinations of 2018: Cape Town in June, low season perks with mild weather

As one of the most scenic cities in the world, Cape Town has a beautiful Mediterranean climate to go with its panoramas. While June is the official start of winter it is actually quite mild hovering around the low 60’s which means a light jacket, some flexibility in plans, but great opportunities for low season …

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Nov 28

The Library of Alexandria Egypt, a wonder of the modern world

  A wondrous monument to the storied past of Alexandria and a modern testament to the inspiration of learning, the Alexandrian Library and Cultural center is one of the main travel and tourism attractions in the Egyptian city of the same name.

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Aug 25

Franschhoek: How South African Wine revealed our favorite small town

  South Africa drew us in as a destination the way it does most visitors. Pictures of beautiful Cape Town, promises of mighty ocean panoramas, quaint towns and excellent hospitality and best of all a new wine destination.

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Jun 08

Sidi Bou Said, is one of our favorite hidden gem destinations in Tunisia

The charming city of Sidi Bou Said is often considered one of the premiere attractions to see in the vicinity of Tunis and Carthage. It possesses all the attractions of an alluring day trip, easy access by public transport and roadways from the capital, wonderfully scenery of nature and the town along with one of …

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