Casa de Campo: Golf and Sporting Resort in Dominican Republic

Casa de Campo: Golf and Sporting Resort in Dominican Republic


Massive and Majestic might be the best way to describe this 7,000 acre property in the part of known as La Romana. It is a place that both inside and outside the resort is geared for relaxing tourism and it presents much of the finest beach life and greenery on the entire island. The resort is a leading hotel of the world and the entire campus with all of its sports, relaxation and adventure facilities just begs to be explored.


The major experience of the resort is centered around golf. That being said there are plenty of things for non-golfers to enjoy too. At check in guests receive a four person golf cart for transit around the grounds. Many guests recommend the all inclusive golf packages, because if one is coming to play and wants to play a lot it can assure better rates.


Hotel Rooms are five star quality and are just as beautiful inside as the stunning landscapes and Caribbean sea beyond that the panorama provides. The décor and setup is quite modern and airy. Use of stone, rich wood and light colors give a cooling effect. The very name of the hotel, Casa, invites guests to be as relaxed as they are at home. Options include balcony rooms, patio rooms and suites. Villas are accommodating as well, offering anywhere from three to seven bedrooms depending on the size booked. Full kitchens, gardens and pool areas bring vacation to a whole new level. Guests can book supplements, which include maid and cooking services too.


Golf is paramount to the allure of the resort and with 90 holes in play, many of which skirt along the azure waters of the Caribbean the beauty is unrivaled. The resort is home to three main attractions: Dye Fore, Teeth of the Dog and The Links. Teeth of the Dog is ranked #1 in the Caribbean and #43 in the world by Golf Magazine. There are plenty of challenges, but also beautiful wide fairways to assist the occasional stray shot. The variety of landscape, from flats, to beach to a river ravine all with seaside winds make for play unlike any other.


As promised the resort doesn’t just have golf. Guests can embark on horseback riding, tennis, excursions, river kayaking, skeet shooting, live bird hunting, a great fitness facility and a 5k running trail, and even world class polo matches.  The spa includes a fifty plus page menu of treatments and holistic innovations in corporal care, while the environs are soothing.


La Marina is a harbor unlike any other. Founded on the dream of two Italian architects it is a place where guests can dock their yachts, set sail for deep sea excursions, take part in boutique and high end as well as enjoy the Cocunut Mall complete with stores, restaurants and cinemas. In addition to the fine cuisine in the hotel the Marina offers spectacular gastronomy from across the globe.


Yet another impressive and unbelievable enterprise is the Altos de Chavon complex. This is a 16th century replica of a Mediterranean village. Many compare it to the wonders of the Amalfi coast or Portofino. Te artistry and architecture is refined and excellent. There are stone walkways, a full amphitheater, an impressive church, squares all wrought with handmade stone, iron, glass and woodwork. Art galleries restaurants and boutiques can give one excitement at every turn.


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