Cafe Cafe an excellent restaurant chain in Israel

Cafe Cafe an excellent restaurant chain in Israel


Cafe Cafe is one of the most successful chains in . It is an amazing story of hard work and bright entrepreneurial effort, but at the end what we most care about is that it is an excellent restaurant. Nowadays it boasts more than 110 restaurants in all of Israel. This is an very good choice for any meal bringing an excellent value. The concept combines the uncomplicated feeling of a cafe ambiance and the possibility of enjoying a full hot meal, always in great locations.


In general Israeli cuisine is quite good, but it normally comes with a high price tag. Cafe Cafe offers a very balanced menu targeting local and international clients. Many of their dishes are focus on delivering delicious flavor with first class natural ingredients. For visitors coming from countries such as the United States, or they will be surprised to find familiar options making it easy to please even the youngest members of the family.


Foodies will be very happy to be able to choose from a huge variety of Israeli and Middle Eastern options. Service is quite good and fast. One can expect to pay between 10 to 20 USD per person, as is usual in most Israeli restaurants service is not included and the waiter will always appreciate to get around ten per cent in cash.


The first Cafe Cafe was opened in Tel Aviv in 2001 and branches are now located all over the country. It is even possible to find one on the road that goes down from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, very close to the main entrance to Jericho. One of the peculiarities of this chain is the fact that they design every restaurant different, to try to incorporate elements that reflect that particular location. Menus are almost always available in Hebrew and English. Most locales offer weekday executive menus, but sometimes these options are not included in the English menu so it is good to ask the waiter about them, and most likely he or she will be able to verbally present to you those other available options.


During our recent trip to Israel we had the opportunity to enjoy some very good meals in Cafe Cafe, we were always very happy with the fine quality of the dishes, the abundance of healthy options, and the great flavor. Cafe Cafe is a an excellent option for those who want to eat dishes they are familiar with, and for those who like to adventure into a new culinary experience expecting to get always great value for their meals.



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