Bus transport between Cairo and Alexandria Egypt

Bus transport between Cairo and Alexandria Egypt


There are many options to go between Cairo and Alexandria. The trip over highway by car can run around 3.5 to 4 hours while buses and trains run shorter routes even with stops. The slight complications of renting a car in Egypt, plus the stress of navigating the outskirts of big like Cairo and Alexandria often leave travelers wanting to use the frequent buses and trains.

The reasoning for just a review of buses comes from our own personal experience. Trains have more limited schedules and as we found out upon approaching Ramses station one day on our trip, trains can be sold out for the rest of the day, the buses came to our rescue. We found the buses with a recommendation near Tahrir Square. Buses also depart from Heliopolis from Almaza to Alexandria.


Buses are quite cheap and run from 20-35 Egyptian Pounds in cost. The service is quite basic, usually a driver and a hostess offering some snacks and drinks for sale. It is common for a movie to be put on, something usually Egyptian which can be loud and distracting and even bizarre, so bring headphones if you wish to do something else or sit back and experience something completely new. In Cairo the buses and some mini buses depart as well from a place near the Railway station:  Cairo Ramses and then they stop in Tahrir and Giza. But this may be always changing. A good idea may be to confirm directly with the bus companies the phone number for Super Jet is: 20 – 2 – 229 -09013  or 259 24877


Buses depart more frequently and serve later and earlier hours than trains. They often pull forward to load and then depart on filling up, usually every half hour between 0530 and 11pm. The process is straightforward, put luggage onboard or below, depending on the carrier the stops will be few and the roadway is fairly plain except for some beautiful stretches of Nile Delta that one can observe at some points.  El Gouna, Golden Arrow, West Delta, (our carrier) Super Jet, and Pullman are all the lines that serve the cities. Once in Alexandria you can tell you’ve arrived to the city, but it is only apparent that Maw’if Gadid Station is the last stop because everyone gets off here. It is further outside town and so one must hail a taxi to get inside the city or to a hotel. Don’t go with people who approach you, go out to the main taxi stand to look for more legitimate carriers. 





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4 Responses

  1. hamida says:

    Bonjour, je suis passagère en Egypte je voudrai aller du Caire à Alexandrie par bus jet set j’habite à El Maadi (borg el canal ) . est ce qu’il y a une station près de mon adresse .merci de me répondre
    à mon adresse mail

    • admin says:

      Thanks very much for your comment.
      Buses depart from different places in Cairo. Mostly from Heliopolis, A place near Tahrir, near the Train Station and sometimes they made an stop in Giza. Heliopolis probably is further away for you, so Downtown or Giza may makes more sense. It is a good idea to call the bus company ahead and to confirm with them.

  2. B K GUPTA says:

    How to commute from Borg El Arab…. The airport in alexandria to the city of alexandria…. I am told that it is very expensive

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hello BK,
      We hope you have a pleasant trip. Taxi’s and buses are available all around Alexandria. We have always found Egypt to be inexpensive.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

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