This is why you should consider Bulgaria on your next European trip

This is why you should consider Bulgaria on your next European trip


Bulgaria is a land of majestic mountains, beautiful beachfront on the Black Sea and vast tracks of rugged landscape. This makes it an ideal place for explorers, lovers of nature and small-town experiences. Even when I see travelers of all sorts expanding their horizons and going beyond traditional tourism hotspots, there is certainly plenty of discovery that remains for the common and even frequent voyager. Countries in Eastern and Southeastern have been gradually more explored by travelers, but their , and stores are just waiting to be found by more people. I present Bulgaria today because it is the next big destination to discover in Europe.


There is a immense potential I have viewed from several trips to the country combined with an increased awareness of tourism infrastructure. 


The potential comes from the unique topographical situation. Big cities are easily found too, the capital of Sofia is the main gateway which often has good and affordable connections to the rest of Europe. As a place situated at the crossroads of Europe it has archeological finds, historic monasteries and traces of many great empires of the past. In short the potential here is that one will find a country well preserved in its natural beauty and historic heritage.


That sounds lovely you may be thinking, but how can one realistically get around a place that seems so rustic and laid back. I’ve been many times and have always found people with whom I could communicate and there is a good tourism infrastructure in place for those comfortable arranging their own travels. The airport is small, but modern and clean. The process of renting a car was very affordable and the roads and highways in Sofia and out to the landscapes are easy to drive and follow. Hotels range from basic to very luxurious and the country’s internal struggles with corruption and strife never affected me in any way. I found people who work in the service industry to be proud of their homeland, grateful for the tourism and with a positive attitude to transform their country for the better. Combine this with a place that will transport you to a world of charming mountains, villages and seafront, what other reasons do you need to go?


This is why you should consider Bulgaria on your next European trip

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