Daytrip transport from Rome to Bracciano, Italy

Daytrip transport from Rome to Bracciano, Italy


Bracciano is a scenic lake town just over an hour’s journey from . Frequent trains make it a very easy commute and the panoramic hills offer a gorgeous backdrop to a city with medival castles, squares and churches. 


The easiest method is to depart from the Termini or even closer San Pietro Train Station. These can be reached from any part of Rome most easily by the No. 64 bus, each station is the last stop on each end of the bus route. The ride takes in the Northern borders of the Lazio region hills, wooded valleys and volcanic lakes. Take trains heading in the direction of Viterbo.



Bracciano has a higher elevation and once you find yourself in the middle of town, just five minutes Daytrip transport from Rome to Bracciano, Italywalking from the train station, you can see on sloping streets that open up into a panorama of blue lake that stretches far and many hundreds of feet below. If you happen to have a bicycle or would like to rent one the lake is actually circumvented all the way around by a very scenic road there are two other quaint towns on the shores of the lake. But it is best to stick with Bracciano if on foot.


The town itself isn’t all that big, that’s why it makes for the perfect day trip. Overall the commute is short, the town easily walkable, the atmosphere is typically rural and laid back, the scenery is unbeatable, really this place has the best of everything. There are plenty of little getaways wherein you can enjoy any number of flavorful dishes, sip coffee, observe the fountains and watch the crowds go by.



The most iconic symbol in the town is the Castello Orsini-Odescalchi. It is so named since it was owned by two prominent Italian families over the years. This town does not have an ancient basis to speak of, but rather finds its roots in medieval times. The castle commands a view for miles around and is precariously perched on a cliff which sits over the shores of Lake Bracciano. The castle is located just near the town’s largest church which has a courtyard offering spectacular lake views as well. There is the Italian Air Force Museum nearby as well.



Besides the possibilities for mountain hiking and beautiful bike rides, don’t forget the endless amount of water sport opportunities that Lake Bracciano offers. As this lake provides drinking water for Rome as one of its sources it is kept as one of the most pristine lakes in . No motorized vehicles are allowed and the opportunities for great fresh fishing, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, swimming and loads of other sports are endless.


Daytrip transport from Rome to Bracciano, Italy


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