Borgo di Coleolli Resort a quiet Tuscan experience in Italy

Borgo di Coleolli Resort a quiet Tuscan experience in Italy

Il Borgo di Colleoli is one of those resorts we will have no hesitation to recommend to travelers seeking to experience Tuscany at a relaxed pace, far from crowds in a beautiful historical setting.


Tuscany is indeed a beautiful, but challenging destination. It can be really expensive, it is common to have to deal with hundreds of visitors or more affordable can be basic and limited.


We like to do a little research before our trips, and we try to go beyond, to off the beaten path locales, it was keeping this in mind that we booked Il Borgo di Colleoli for two nights during our road trip from Spain to to Rome.


Arriving to the place can be difficult for those no familiar with in . It is located close to several historic villages like Palaia and the amazing medieval town of San Miniato. Pisa is only 40 minutes away and Florence no more than an hour. We stopped several times on the way to ask about the hotel, but people were always friendly and eager to help us, but we speak Italian so this made the process even easier.


Il Borgo di Colleolli is actually a little ancient neighborhood located on the top of a hill, there is a breathtaking view of the surroundings, several houses, three or four restaurants and two churches. The hotel is located in a recently renovated complex that used to be what they call in Italy a fattoria: that is more like a working community with warehouses, villas and gardens. The place is ancient, but the buildings were renovated with great taste. This is actually a very affordable hotel.


We arrived late at night, and we were welcomed by very friendly guys working at the hotel. Even the smaller rooms are apartments fully equipped with kitchens and utensils to have a great extended stay.


Borgo di Coleolli Resort a quiet Tuscan experience in Italy

The apartment itself was tastefully decorated, with exposed beams and typical tuscan architecture. Our apartment had two bedrooms and a sofa bed. The only down side of our room was that the stairs to go up to the bedrooms was quite horizontal and could be difficult for some people.


There is a restaurant on the property, every night the vibe is very nice. There is a bar and a wine shop. There are as well two swimming pools. The gardens are beautifully manicured and very well kept. The property is huge and offers many spaces to relax and walk around.


Another of the aspects we enjoyed of this hotels is the fact that is located so close from many wonderful towns and villages and still is quiet. Just minutes away from the hotel one finds vineyards and other agritourism establishments where is possible to buy regional products including the typical olive Oil and the delicious bread. We explored San Miniato, there is so much to see in this historical town including Museums, churches, and other ancient buildings.


Borgo di Colleoli offer a great Tuscan experience, everybody working there is extremely friendly, it is a place to relax and to enjoy the vibe of a unique destination in a gorgeous Italian location.

Borgo di Coleolli Resort a quiet Tuscan experience in Italy


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