What to see and do in Bern, Switzerland

What to see and do in Bern, Switzerland


The Swiss capital is a very unassuming and charming place, one might not think of it as the capital from first sight, however the same logic applies to the country as a whole, unassuming yet impressive. While is often equated with the industrious and trend setting efficiency of modern life, Bern is a bit more relaxed. Here the wonderfully preserved old town, museums, restaurants, shops and churches, beckon one to enjoy the poetic side of Switzerland. 

A walkable delight

What to see and do in Bern, Switzerland

The first and foremost attraction in Bern is the city’s streets and neighborhoods. The layout is phenomenal, like a peninsula the town center sits atop a large promontory with two river gorges on each side. The view is scenic and preserves a wonderful natural fortification which in turn houses cobble stone streets and medival houses. So before you decide on seeing one particular thing, be ready to walk around and get a taste of everything, it is a delight any time of year.



This iconic clock tower was once the city’s Western gate. It’s an unmistakeable meeting spot which sits at the top of the central street that enters the town. The clock has lots of scientific and mathematical history to unveil and it makes for fantastic photos. The roadway and shops leading up to it array the city’s finest display of watches, jewelry, hand made goods, clothing and refined merchandise.




What to see and do in Bern, SwitzerlandThere are a good many museums here which capture art, culture and history of the region. The Historiches Museum houses over 500,000 objects related to ancient times, Roman occupation and all of the various peoples who inhabited this territory. The Botanic Gardens house many thousands of plant species both indoors and out with an impressive collection. The Einstein house showcases the home of the innovator of the theory of relativity with full tourist .



The city is named and hosts the crest of bears. The stories are varied about the origins but what is for certain is that the living bears are a wonderful attraction to be seen near the city’s entrance to the main canton road. The habitat of the bear park allows the city’s representatives to play, fish and relax in full view of tourists and families who can observe them up close on trails that follow the enclosure. A majestic rose garden which is maintained in flowering months offers a wonderful spectacle for lovers of natural beauty as well.


Additionally Bern is known as a city of fountains, majestic views, government houses and fine restaurants which brandish the country’s lovable and varied cuisine.


What to see and do in Bern, Switzerland

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