Berlin: a city with attractions from transformation

Berlin: a city with attractions from transformation


Berlin is a city that is gracing the itineraries of travelers now more than ever before. Certainly it was a draw in the years after the fall of the iconic wall, but now it is taking on a new life, one of refined , expansive museums and excellent restaurants. It is a must see for anyone touring central Europe.


Flights here aren’t necessarily as frequent and cost effective as say Munich and Frankfurt, but looking long enough deals come up now and then. Trains are an excellent way to reach Berlin and if you find yourself in Germany, , Hungary or Poland you should certainly add Berlin to the list.


The first thing that strikes the newly introduced traveler about Berlin is that public transit is easy and everywhere. There are several train, metro and bus lines that connect the entire cityscape. The various train stations surrounding the city give adequate access to the countryside beyond. One can move about the city according to the various cheaply priced public transit tickets, or simply choose to walk. The city is spread out over a large area, but much of the historic downtown is concentrated into normal walking distances.


Berlin: a city with attractions from transformationIt is immediately impressed upon the visitor how new, artistic and savvy many things look. While at the same time there are many historic remnants all about, such as the famed Berlin wall. A great place to begin to enjoy some of the city’s most luxury accommodations or to begin a tour of the downtown is Potsdamer Platz. Here one can experience the grandiose and modern such as the lofty Ritz Carlton or the Trendy Grand Hyatt. No worries if you’re in the market for something simpler, Berlin welcomes lots of tourists and has accommodations for every type of budget. Overall Berlin can be called a traveler’s delight because once you hit the streets there’s seemingly an endless parade of , sights and monuments.


The Brandenberg Gate is certainly a world famous attraction around which one can admire the classical architecture and the seemingly universal crowds. The nearby Parliament instills visions of grandeur and pomp. The streets are noticeably filled with gourmet restaurants, boutique hotels and lovely café’s. Encouragingly one will find prices at an affordable range, especially considering this is a European Capital.  Of particular note to tourist shoppers be sure and check out the Galleries Lafayette, Arkaden Shopping Mall and the many specialty stores such as the Mercedes Benz Showroom, gift shop and restaurant.


The city is home to many impressive public buildings and private ones, which are colorful, unique and edgy architecturally so be sure and enjoy them. The Berlin Wall sits in pieces all around town and stands in three major sections. One is close by Potsdamer Platz and is the most central while the other sections are further afield and have since been decorated with artistic designs. Alexanderplatz is certainly another great place to behold the city’s diverse urban décor and history. Checkpoint Charlie details the history of the walls and crossing them, The Berliner Dom and adjacent Museum Island will raise one’s spirits to the heights of culture and awe and the Reichstag are places that are sure to impress.


Berlin is unassumingly noble, easily accessed, affordably priced and refreshingly vibrant. These aspects of livability, inspiration and progress are what make Berlin such an attractive destination.


Berlin: a city with attractions from transformation


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