Basan: culinary creativity in Sincelejo, Colombia

Basan: culinary creativity in Sincelejo, Colombia


Our recent trip to town brought us the experience of a newly opened restaurant: Basan. Rising from the savanna of Colombia’s Caribbean region of Sucre is the hilly town of Sincelejo. It has a sizable population and fame yet it is a place where many people still know each other by name. 


We were told by the locals about the great qualities of this newly opened establishment in town. Once there, we were intrigued by the trendy looking plaza where it is located and the unique concept of the restaurant itself.


Basan’s menu stands out in Sincelejo, a town where cart vendors and many good, but traditional style eateries reign supreme. The attraction here is that food is prepared not in the normal pots and pans, but on repurposed discs from plows which till the earth. The way in which this type of metal conducts heat makes for a savory cooking experience. This is a revered cooking style from the farmlands of , and Chile, but a novelty here in the Northernmost part of South .


The cooking method reminded us at first of an Asian Wok, but taste proved a substantial difference. The menu consists mostly of forms of meat, but they readily and creatively handled a vegetarian order from us. Once the food is cooked, the disc is placed in a wooden tray which can then be safely brought to the table even as the meal continues to cook in the pan. The menu is quite affordable and offer meats, vegetables and fish combinations. The vegetables were very fresh and tasty, with great varieties of greens. The semi open kitchen front provides a view of the cooking procedure which added to the excitement and enjoyment of our experience.


The concept of the restaurant is certainly unique, but even more impressive to us was the vision and can do attitude of one of its young owners whom we spoke with. The staff have an excellent commitment to service and satisfaction, hoping to bring good quality food and creative cooking to Sincelejo.


Basan: culinary creativity in Sincelejo, Colombia

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