Banyan Tree Ras Al Khaimah Beach, UAE

Banyan Tree Ras Al Khaimah Beach, UAE


The allure of a seaside retreat just an hour from the pulsing skyscrapers of Dubai and minutes from the blossoming center of Ras Al Khaimah is fully captured within the personalized peninsula of the Banyan Tree beach property.


Uniquely shaped and crafted, the resort follows the natural contours of the shoreline in a shoestring like shape culminating in the largest villas extended out amidst the waves on a crafted peninsula. The all pool villa resort captures the magic of personalized dwellings in the shape and form of traditional tents. The white sands, the steady breezes and the glimmer of the Arabian gulf make the perfect backdrop for a posh retreat.


Check In

Since the opening in 2010 the hotel has lived up to the novelty of its brand name all the while incorporating elements of its own characteristics. The hotel really occupies a thin land strip where one actually pulls up to a drop off location on the mainland and crosses over a backwater bay on an open boat, adding to the mystique of arrival. Thereupon greeted by anticipatory staff one is brought into the main pavilion which is the site of dining, the central pool, reception and other amenities.



Unique in the interior and exterior design, each villa is a tented 170square meter canopied ceiling dwelling. The inside is full of the latest technologies, air conditioning, plush furnishings and an awesome view of the Gulf as well as your personal porch and pool. There is lots of rich wood and local décor to bring out the theme of an Arabian experience.



Facilities and Relaxation

Even when the layout of the hotel is set to solitary enjoyment of ones own lavishly appointed villa, there are common buildings with spaces for general use. The fitness pavilion is located at the nearby Al Hamra Golf Club and one can find every sort of exercise matching available. The resort pool is found just next to the general beach areas of the sands terrace. It offer relaxing infinity views. Sands offers a wide sampling of international cuisine and in villa dining is always at the ready. The Spa is not on site, but it is located just 20 minutes away by complimentary shuttle. It is actually the Banyan Tree Al Wadi Spa and the facilities are impeccable.


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