Baden, Switzerland: town of warm mineral springs

Baden, Switzerland: town of warm mineral springs


Conveniently set up as a close suburb of Zurich, travelers and tourists getting started on a trip of should take advantage of this small town with great wellness potential. The warm mineral waters present in the town of Baden have been used as a source of healing, wellness and even energy since Roman times and of course modern implementation yields relaxing venues to enjoy the natural benefits. 


Getting in:

The town of Baden sits close to Zurich and is most readily accessed by car or train. If coming by car simply get on the A1 highway and proceed off exits 55 or 54. If coming by train take the suburban rail lines which serve Zurich, such as S6 and S12 respectively. The town itself is very quaint. It has a beautiful pedestrian old quarter with traditional houses, restaurants, churches and it sits snugly between majestic hills.



The Spa district:

The heart and soul of the town are the 18 sulfurous springs which come straight out of the earth with waters at a temperature of 47 degrees Celsius. The several spa and pool facilities which have access to the springs are easy to find. Simply follow the street signs marked Spa or baden. As a general reference point most are located along the banks of the central river which flows through town, the Limmat River. The waters pass through 3000 meters of rock layers on their way to the surface which means these waters have some of the highest mineral content in all of Switzerland.



Places to experience the waters:


As one can imagine, the wealth of natural resources has given rise to several facilities which maximize the potential of the waters and combine other methods of wellbeing and physical regeneration. Many of the spas are associated with private hotel facilities so a stay can be complete with accommodations. Some of the private and pricier venues are places such as Atrium Hotel Blume, Limmathof Novum Spa, and Fitnesspark Hammam Baden. ThermalBaden is the main public access point with very nice facilities and one of the more affordable entry fees.



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