Avianca Airport Lounge Review: Sala VIP Bogota, Colombia

Avianca Airport Lounge Review: Sala VIP Bogota, Colombia


In a recent transatlantic flight we enjoyed the opportunity to pass the time beforehand in the new El Dorado . Everything is majestic and sharp and the Avianca Lounge equally so. In terms of layout, food options and connectivity it is a worthwhile place to spend time. 


The Location we opted to try was in the New International Terminal.  The Lounge is found on the third floor. We proceeded through security, passes the duty free shops and food court and could see the lounge above on the 3rd Floor. It was not immediately evident how to get up there, but an AVIANCA sign next to elevators and a staircase on the left hand side led right up to the Lounge.


Hours of Operation:

The Lounge is open from 04:30 – 23:00 everyday. Once you enter the premises there is a passport and ticket check. From here you will be directed either right (Star Alliance, Avianca rewards or Priority Pass holders etc.) or left (Avianca Business class ticket holders). Our documents were verified again at a counter and we were given WiFi access codes and the staff helped us print some documents.


Lounge setup:


The lounge sits high up in the terminal where few distractions and noise penetrate. The open air feeling makes it feel huge even when it can fill up with people, but there were many seats available. Dedicated food and beverage stations with attentive staff keep the flow of cuisine fresh.


There are refrigerators with soft drinks, beers, waters as well as wine and assortment of liquors. Showers and toilet facilities are clean and plentiful. The WiFi access was very fast and easy to use. Quiet work zones as well as work stations with computers are available. Magazines and newspapers are offered in abundance.


All around the Avianca Sala VIP in El Dorado’s International terminal was a pleasant experience of a lounge that stands with the top that are on offer in Airlines around the world today.


Avianca Airport Lounge Review: Sala VIP Bogota, Colombia


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