Attractions in Pristina Kosovo

Attractions in Pristina Kosovo


As Pristina has taken on the roles and responsibilities of setting Kosovo’s future, the infrastructure and city logistics have grown steadily every year. Tourists to this city and country should expect to see a young population whose commerce and culture are in the process of growth. The capital city has some great which showcase the culture and history of this infant nation.



The National Museum is a free attraction that sits in a historic building built by the Austrians for the ruling Turks at the time. It has a wonderful archaeology exhibition focusing on the Illyrian, Dardanian and Roman periods. A 6,000 year old statue of a goddess on a throne is one of the most prized ancient artifacts.


The Ethnographic Museum is a worthwhile attraction that shows the customs, clothing, traditions and living arrangements of the ethnicities in . The Museum gift shop sells great souvenirs and the admission is just 2.50 Euros.


Independence Museum is a free exhibition with photographs, items and documents that detail the independence movement and the man behind it Ibrahim Rugova. It is easy located, being just next to Tiffany’s, the city’s most beloved and tastiest restaurant.


Worship Sites:Attractions in Pristina Kosovo

Carshia Mosque is the oldest building in Pristina and it used to be at the center of the market. Today it stands near the national museum and serves more as a cemetery than a place of worship.

Nene Tereza Cathedral this Church celebrates one of the region’s most beloved inhabitants, Mother Theresa. It is a brand new church dedicated in 2014 and it is one of the city’s tallest buildings with a high bellower, one can pay admission to go up for a city view.

Jashar Pasha Mosque This is one of the city’s more historic Mosques and it was begun in the 16th century. Much of the architecture and design is great to see.


General Sightseeing:

Gërmia Park This is a little outside the city, but it is the most attractive park for fresh grass, a massive swimming pool, trails, forests and on site restaurants. The family appeal of this place is big especially during the summer.


The Bazaar This is where the city of Pristina comes alive, located east of Rruga Ilir Konusheci, the market is the place to come and socialize, buy produce and souvenirs. One can really hear a blend of languages from the mix of places in which the Albania diaspora has found work around the world.


Attractions in Pristina Kosovo


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