An Itinerary of Slovenia’s coastal towns: Piran, Portoroz and more!

An Itinerary of Slovenia’s coastal towns: Piran, Portoroz and more!


At close to 50km of coastline, is fortunate as a central European country to have some coastal space at all. Still Slovenia seems to have the best of everything, interior alpine forests, mystic lakes, river gorges and of course the attractive coast.


Getting here


One might consider a trip to Slovenia as sounding distant, but assuredly it is only around an 40 minutes from Trieste and close to two hours from Venice. Renting a car or taking a bus from Northern Italy or anywhere within Croatia is quite simple. Fly into Trieste on low cost airlines for a connection to the broader area and take a bus into Slovenia.


The coastal towns are cozy, the feel is nostalgic and laid back. If you want true serenity come in fall or early spring. The Mediterranean climate is already warm and you will most likely only find locals or diehard tourists, a great way to beat all the crowds and still bask in the beauty.



This ancient Venetian port city has been under the dominion of several empires across the ages, but the sheer natural beauty and landscape that juts out into the sea makes it the most developed and wonderfully preserved of all the Slovenian Sea towns. Explore the majestic architecture, the busy fishing harbor, Tartini square, the lovely cathedral and hilltop outcrop overlooking the entire town and the electric blue sea. Seafood pastas are highly recommended in the quaint restaurants found around town.




This is the more commercialized resort city. There are grand casino hotels, apartments to rent and it is most famed for thermal spas with treatments of natural mud and salt waters found along the shores. It can be a little pricier to eat and stay here, so depending on the type of trip you are on it is just a few minutes down the road from quieter towns and villages. If you are looking to splurge the Kempinski Palace hotel is the place to enjoy the scenery.




Like many of the on this coast Koper’s Italian and Slovenian heritage are coexistent. The town sits on a point of land tucked into the gorgeous coast with stunning views, mysterious alleyways and fascinating stonework. The most attractive structure is a 15th century Praetorian Palace and Loggia. The port and modern district of the city, as well as its physical proximity to Italy make it more residential than resort style, but it has plenty of seaside and nature areas to enjoy.




This seems to be one of the most relaxed and hidden cities on the entire coast. Some steep hills on either side make the city’s peninsula seem like an isolated island. Browse local artwork on display as well as handcrafts, water sports, scenic restaurants and museum .


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    • Jason Bananal on 18 March, 2014 at 2:57 pm
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    Hello! Oddly enough, I saw this post right when we arrived in Portoros! We just cam from Croatia just 30-40 minutes ago :). Since we just got here and am only here for a night, could you provide some advice on what to do? We are staying at the Kempinski hotel….

      • voyageur
      • on 18 March, 2014 at 4:25 pm
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      Hi Jason.
      You are in a beautiful place probably enjoying great weather!
      Kempinski in Portoroz is a great hotel, we will recommend you to fully take advantage of the facilities, then maybe have a drink in one of the many nice places along the beach in Portoroz. You should not miss Piran, is probably the most beautiful coastal town of Slovenia and an excellent place to enjoy good fish and Slovenian delicacies than in many ways are a good mix between Italian and Austrian Cuisine, Pizzeria Petica, close to the post office is a delicious place to eat. The main square in Piran offers nice vibe, if you walk a little bit you will enjoy an amazing view of the sea and the town.
      Enjoy your trip!

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