An Itinerary of Liechtenstein

An Itinerary of Liechtenstein


The traveling distance within the borders of the world’s 6th smallest country are not that wide, but getting into and around Liechtenstein is a journey beyond the normal stops of Europe. The country is properly a principality which is easily reached via train (with a bus connection) and highway from and . Brining one’s own car is the most recommended way to see the various spots of this unique destination.


The country shares many customs with Switzerland and Austria, yet it has its own idiosyncrasies. The country is bounded by the majestic Alps and the gentle flowing Rhine River, natural landmarks of distinction.



The main spot to head first is of course the capital city known as Vaduz. Here one can explore the downtown region and the center of civic life. Vaduz is not a large city, but it has a wealth of  beautiful churches, public squares, banking centers, museums and some eclectic restaurant options. The Church of St. Florin with its adjacent cemetery is a classic attraction. The downtown has a primary pedestrian street with a Government House and the City Hall of Liechtenstein. Many tourist shops sell photos, souvenirs and mementos proper to a small country. The monolithic city art gallery known as Kunstmuseum offers modern and contemporary works primarily in sculpture.


Schloss Vaduz

This is the prominent home for the royal family of Liechtenstein. It is pearched above the city of Vaduz and set against the alpine backdrop. The castle is not open to the public, however it is common to see members of the royal family out and about given that the country is so small and familiar. To get the closest view of the castle possible drive or get the 21 bus upalong the Vaduz-Triesenberg road.



Being the most populated metropolitan area, Schaan has a lot to discover, however it is not necessarily aimed at tourists. There is much major manufacturing of specialized goods and services here which means it is a place to see how locals live. There are some good public buildings, churches and places to enjoy and some hotels for those looking to stay overnight in the country.


The Alps

Being in a country where several hours biking will get you from Austria to Switzerland is a dream. So are the majestic Alps which cover the terrain. In good weather biking and great roads make for a magical mix. In the middle of winter, be sure and check out the world class skiing and snowboarding. The Steg ski resort and the Malbun ski resort are two panoramic wonders for lovers of the slopes.


An Itinerary of Liechtenstein

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