An amazing restaurant close to Rome: The Cesar at La Posta Vecchia Hotel in Ladispoli

An amazing restaurant close to Rome: The Cesar at La Posta Vecchia Hotel in Ladispoli


Rome as such an important city has many good restaurants, but sometimes it is hard to choose wisely in a saturated market, where many restaurants claim to be the best and several just end up being traps. To find a good place to eat is challenging, but to find an amazing restaurant without even looking for it, is probably just good luck. We ended up at La Posta Vechhia almost by chance. We decided to embark in a short day trip outside and the person selling tickets in the main train terminal recommended to us Ladispoli.


We were happy with the recommendation, it is a lovely coastal town just outside Rome, it brings a feeling of peace and an amazing panorama of the Mediterranean Sea, we were captivated by the beauty and we started walking along the beach, then we spotted an ancient castle and we noticed a nice restaurant. Since it was lunch time we decided to try and we knocked at the back door, someone came and opened and told us the place was full, we asked in a friendly manner for an exception and 10 minutes later they set up a table for us. We were so lucky! What a beautiful place, we decided to eat on the terrace with a breathtaking view of the sea, the neighboring castle and enjoying the fresh air that brings the fragrances of such a peaceful spot.


Service was first class, we went for the degustation menu and were delighted with an impressive selection of local culinary delicacies. The wine selection was as well excellent and we enjoyed one of the best meals we have ever had in .


Later on we marveled at the fact that we found this particular place. The Cesar is the name of this restaurant and it is part of the luxurious five star hotel La Posta Vecchia. The Michelin starred chef Michelino Gioia prepares dishes combining the best of local traditions and carefully selected ingredients, it is a menu that exalts the best of fine Italian cuisine. A fixed degustation menu may go for around 80 Euros per person. The restaurant is open only seasonally, reopening again on April 17th, but the team continues being available for catering at parties or private functions and guests can even learn from the secrets of Chef Giogia in one of his private cooking classes.


La Posta Vecchia is located in an ancient building that from the XVII century was part of the famous castle belonging to the Orsini Family. The hotel is a luxurious five star property part of the LHW collection (Luxury of the World), it is famous for its unique art and antiquities collection and for the first class Spa.


We will strongly recommend the restaurant and the hotel to anyone looking for an oasis of relaxation, wellbeing and gourmet dinning. The Cesar is located in an idyllic place, it is beyond the massive crowds of tourists in Rome, but not that far from the city. Sometimes it is good to go beyond fixed plans for a trip, because one may discover equally fascinating places just as happened to us in our trip to Ladispoli.


An amazing restaurant close to Rome: The Cesar at La Posta Vecchia Hotel in Ladispoli

Pictures Courtesy of LHW

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