Al Hamra Tower Mall, Kuwait City

Al Hamra Tower Mall, Kuwait City


Kuwait City is a place where is an essential part of leisure and a well respected pastime. The famous souks of the Middle East live on today in massive and modern shopping malls, places for socializing, climate control and top notch products.


The concept


Al Hamra Tower is different from other malls in because it is part of a much larger lifestyle and downtown living center. The Mall itself is a five storey structure connected with public access points, while the rest of the skyscraper is a private venue for dining, gardens, floor to ceiling gulf views and unparalleled fitness facilities, the mall itself is an inviting and pristine space for all.




The tower is easy to spot from the street as it makes a fine and modern impression on the skyline. It is located in the downtown at the intersection of Al Shuhada and Jaber Al Mubarak Streets. It is not far from the famed Kuwait Tower. The mall can best be described in three sections: a high-end retail section, with theaters and an upscale food court. This is the tallest building in Kuwait and it is the 12th tallest building in the world.




Coming in from the street it is unique to see that the mall is not laid out in a typical square or rectangular design where every floor looks the same. Rather it is like a stack of blocks with unpolished edges. The stores are immediately noticeable of high quality. Korloff, Yves Saint Laurent, Harry Winstone, Officine Panerai, kate spade, Bottega Veneta, L’ Argentinaamong Carolina Herrera, Mont Blanc, Samsonite, Mouawad Jewelry, Al Jazeera perfumes, Eden Park, Beidoun, Chanel, Behbahani luxury, Vera Wang, Shoebox and Hermes can all be found wonderfully appointed.




The level of shopping is certainly elevated and the movie going experience is as well. There are a total of ten screens in the cinema and a crossover of IMAX capability. The environment is kept very classy and the snack selection is a blend of traditional favorites and some new innovations.



There are several sections where the restaurants and cafes are spread around. Due to the social nature of these places one will find people of all ages around the eateries during all hours of operation. There are some classy cafes such as Il Café di Roma and Versace Café. There is a steak restaurant, Pizza shops, Kuwaiti cuisine and some grills serving up international foods.

Al Hamra Tower Mall, Kuwait City


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