Airport Review: Tunis-Carthage International Airport

Airport Review: Tunis-Carthage International Airport


Serving over a million passengers a year, Tunis Carthage International has a laid back, hometown feel to it yet all the perks and services of a tourism and business transport facility. In North often the various countries have smaller facilities that are well connected to European African and American destinations.



Just because the airports are more traditional looking does not mean they are underdeveloped. In fact the system works very well and one of the best things we noticed about the traffic in Tunis Airport is that it fits smoothly into the gates and services available. The architecture is immediately impressive. The designs are certainly influenced by Islamic art with ornate ceilings filled with mosaics of gold and polished stones in repeated shapes. The lighting is ethereal and the while walls and white stone floors reflect the cherished color of choice that describes much of Tunis.




The airport has several locations inside the secure area and outside for food. The cuisine is a blend of typical fast food shops, traditional Tunisian eateries and snack stands and coffee shops. Prices are affordable and the service is quick. There are plenty of ATM’s available but one would best wait to get into town so as to avoid any fees. The exchange booths upon last use had a good exchange rate. The airport has a post office, haircare facilities, a tourism office, car rentals and plenty of onsite parking. A note that it is not possible to store baggage at the airport.



Transit Services:

Getting from the airport directly to Tunis or the surrounding sites of ancient Carthage or towns further afield is not a hassle because the country has good roads and frequent services for travelers. Car Rentals, Taxi’s and Buses are the main ways to get to and from the airport as there is no train system linking it to the surrounding area. For Buses the airport is linked directly to the city center as it is only 8km away. The public bus line is called SNT and it leaves every half hour but runs less frequently  in evening hours. It is extremely cheap to get into town costing just 1 dinar. There are also TUT buses which are more upscale and depart every 15 minutes for a little more money. Taxis are notorious for trying to trick one into paying more than the ride is worth, typically a ride anywhere in and around town should be no more than 5 Dinars, the price is pretty good already so don’t fight it to the last penny, but don’t allow drivers to gauge you for ridiculous amounts. Insist on the meter always although some of them are rigged. Renting a car should only be done if you are confident you know where you are going since many streets and addresses remain unmarked.


Airport Review: Tunis-Carthage International Airport






    • HENRI STETTER on 4 May, 2017 at 12:14 pm
    • Reply

    I travel through Tunis Carthage airport at least once a month, and it is always a sadly disapointing experience.
    A quick summary of my experience today, from the Tunisiar lounge,as I prepare to fly to Geneva:
    – There is a long, messy line of cars forming a disorganized traffic jam, leading to the upper floor, for departure.
    – Upon leaving my taxi, there is a 25 minutes wait, in full sunshine, outside on the sidewalk, BEFORE to enter the security check area into the airport.
    – The Tunisiair Business Class check in counter has one attendant. She is chatting with friends as 6 passengers queue patiently….15 minutes waiting time…
    – The security check leadin into the airside of the airport is mismanaged, with 2 officers taking their time and not helping in any way….20 minutes waiting time for 12 – 12 passengers in the queue.
    – Upon entering the Tiunisiar lounge: the Attendant at the entrace are on their phone, watching a film, chatting and showing us that customers are a disturbance. No greetings.
    – in the lounge: the offering consist of 3 types of meat croissants, 15 large bottles og =f water and a rude waiter behind the bar….
    – the loubge facilities (toilets and washbasin areas) are so old and tight that I walked out to the crowded and smelly facilities in the main area of the airport
    One truly wonders if the management of Tuniis Carthage Airport EVER visits other airport in the region (Amman, Beirut, Doha)..if they ever walk around the airport unannounced to observe the abysmall level of their own airport?

    Tunis and Tunisians, as well as foreign visitoes deserve much better than that.
    Henri STETTER

    1. You are right, such a beautiful destination deserves a better airport and tourist infrastructure.

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