Airport Review: Singapore Changi Airport

Airport Review: Singapore Changi Airport


If there is an one might wish to be stranded in, Changi would definitely be the place. This state of the art facility in is a gateway into Asia and a popular starting point for a journey into the famed island nation of wealth and fame. When moving through Changi everything from the space to the atmosphere to the public amenities make one feel relaxed and at home.


The best way to experience the charms of Changi Airport is to be informed ahead of time about what your time and options are. Or instance if your layover is only a couple hours you might want to grab a refreshing shower in the affordable pay per use facilities, or even a massage or lay down in a room with reclining chairs. For even longer layovers of five hours or more one can reserve a free 2 hour sightseeing tour of Singapore, nothing like being taken into town while you wait.


For a longer check in stay one doesn’t have to sleep in public spaces, even when these are comfy, quiet and hard to pass up. But for even more privacy and convenience each terminal is equipped with a high standard transit hotel. You can check into your room with having to cross immigration, a wonderful way to get the most from one’s rest time. Speaking of relaxation, don’t forget to grab a complimentary 15 minute foot massage at one of the designated stations in the airport. Other more advanced treatments can be found at an assortment of massage and reflexology centers in the airport.


The airport offers a complimentary 15 minutes of wifi for basic emails and surfing. For those looking for entertainment there are excellent lounging areas, sports bars and even a gaming center in Terminal 2. There is a complimentary movie theater in terminals 2 and 3, just make sure you’ve got enough time for the whole thing. There are themed gardens one can admire in each of the terminals and the butterfly garden is one of the most relaxing and ethereal spaces in the entire airport.


To say Singapore is almost synonymous with the word and there’s no shortage (350 retail outlets) of that here in Changi. Stores range from the high-end luxury brands to all sorts of accessories, cosmetics, fragrances, souvenirs and curiosities. There are salons and places for any kind of makeover or restoration one is seeking. Restaurants are too numerous to list since the number is around 120, but suffice it to say that many cusines deck these halls from end to end and offer a clean, efficient and sumptuous experience in the well lit halls and expansive views of this world-leading hub in transit experience and hospitality.


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  1. Awesome article on my favorite airport period. Changi amazes me everytime I’m there, with new things to see and explore. It’s a mini town by itself and it never sleeps. There’s just too much to do and time zips pass just too fast @ Changi without you realising. Changi spoils me rotten and tires me out. With Terminal 4 and Jewel@Changi in the pipeline, much more is in-store and you might need to stay a day longer just to enjoy the new facilities.
    Happy blogging and transiting. ❤

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