Airline Review: SWISS International Air Lines

Airline Review: SWISS International Air Lines


Comfort at home and abroad is one of the main hallmarks of this notable European carrier. SWISS International Airlines is a standard bearer of classic European excellence in flight and a dynamic carrier whose destinations connect the small but central homeland to the world. It is an airline that focuses on major connections between the Americas, , and Europe.


Having traveled with SWISS on several occasions to all manner of destinations it must first be said that they are good and consistent at what they do. Are there other airlines with even better service, plush economy seating and more refined settings? Surely, but what distinguishes this airline is its consistency of top notch service. From long haul flights, to short jumps between Zurich and Geneva, the flight staff are always alert and friendly. On transatlantic flights and flights to Asia and the Middle East there is comfortable seating, good entertainment programming and generally a main meal and a secondary meal which feature good quality food products. Signature ice-cream from Movenpick and SWISS Chocolates aren’t a bad deal either! Swiss hospitality is a defining feature of every flight.


For those looking to go in business class SWISS is a great call because it has consistently been awarded best in class for this category of traveler. With the average plane in the fleet having 12.7 years to its name, the good upkeep and stamina of these aircraft is evident. There are a total of 86 planes serving 76 destinations worldwide. With its participation in the Star Alliance Network and its membership in the Lufthansa group, many of the gate privileges, facilities, world class lounges and other such amenities can benefit those with similar affiliations or even the non affiliated traveler.


Transit with SWISS is well coordinated. The Zurich is modern and efficient. Weather can be a problem at times but the crew and pilots are well trained for the foggy landings and escaping the Alpine winds of the surrounding countryside is never a problem. Once the airline overbooked leaving our team overnight far from home, but the airline graciously put us up in a nice Airport hotel and issued a travel voucher almost equal to the value of the flight. Overall the airline gives the impression that it truly cares about its customers. Everything from the friendly service, the good in flight entertainment, striving to depart early and arrive early as well as making you feel like you are among friends no matter how far you are flying from home.


    • Lachhman Jeswani on 16 September, 2015 at 6:03 pm
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    Going from Chicago to Mumbai. On search I foung there is 22 hours layover at Zurich . Will the Swiss Int. Air Lines Provide

    Food and Hotel for rest a HOTEL during long layover ?

    1. Thanks for your comment.
      We are not aware of Swiss providing lodging and food for passengers with long layovers.
      The airport in Zurich is very nice, there are some affordable hotels in and around. Just be aware that Zurich can be a very expensive city.

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