Airline Review: Malaysia Airlines

Airline Review: Malaysia Airlines


The flagship carrier for , Malaysia airlines is an airline with a good tradition of service and one which gives priority to passenger comfort and travel experience. This is especially evident in a travel industry where increasingly the experience is getting better or worse. The better airlines with big budgets are always upping the luxuries and amenities, airlines in financial distress are getting picker about baggage allowance and in flight services. It is nice to see an airline that is maintaining an above average standard of service that comes together with affordable rates and dependable experience.

Having just recently flown with Malaysian airlines in the wake of the MH 370 disappearance, anyone might feel superstitious. The good news is the airline continues flying normally, a heartfelt letter in the monthly in flight magazine from the airline CEO asked for continued prayers for those lost in the missing plane tragedy and promised passengers of their once and always standard to ensuring the safe passage of travelers in their care. This seemed to us to be an appropriate response, such a tragedy might befall any airline yet there is no need to disrupt the continued good name and service of a strong transport company.

One of the first benefits that stood out to us was the fact that economy passengers may bring up to 2 checked bags per person with 30kg. in each. This is certainly a generous allowance in our modern day and age for the entry level ticket. Secondly, Malaysian airlines services a wide variety of destinations especially in SE . If Kuala Lumpur is an easy to navigate already, it is even easier with a Malaysian flight. There are 8 ways offered to check in from city center in KL Sentral and HK, return check in if you have a round trip ticket, web to mobile, web, and traditional airport kiosks too. We thoroughly enjoyed the KL Sentral check in and bag drop, imagine not having to bring your bags on board the train to the airport, a big time saver and it works well.

For those with One World status or loyalty the overall network Malaysian is in includes up to 900 destinations around the globe. If one has the status in One World or any kind of lounge pass, the Golden Lounge at the Kuala Lumpur Airport is unforgettable. It has several food stations, reading areas, quiet areas, showers, business facilities and plenty of outlets. The Enrich program is a good rewards system for those flying with Malaysian regularly.


On board the plane is a wonderful experience. The entertainment focuses on a wide variety of movies tv and music on demand. Even the smaller planes have individual screens. The seats are comfortable, the food is good and set to Halal standards, special requests for vegetarian or other options can be made 24 hours in advance. Special assistance for the disabled and assistance is provided for children 5 to 14 traveling alone. We observed first hand how the staff made a blind passenger’s journey comfortable and with specialized attention. We should said we were very happy with our experience flying in Malaysia Airlines.


Airline Review: Malaysia Airlines


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