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Why to advertise and promote your business, services and products with Admirable Journeys?


First and foremost because our website is full of relevant and practical travel information that real life travelers (potential customers) are looking for. 


 This kind of information is what travelers are looking for. Potential customers are spending their web time looking up specific and information. This makes this the perfect moment to display your products and services.


What makes our site unique:

• We feature above all else practical travel content that comes from our personal experiences in our frequent trips. As avid and discerning travelers ourselves, we understand the huge role that the Internet plays in trip planning and execution.

• Our site targets a hugely untapped area for web traffic, as we ourselves have often found little, unreliable or no information online in the area of practical travel info and tips.

• Our unique content is relevant to practical things travelers are concerned about. Our presentation style is concise, informative, accurate, engaging and interactive.

Our goal is to provide accurate, updated and otherwise unknown travel information for our page visitors. is a place to come for everything one needs to know before traveling.


 Background: began as an initiative among three friends based on questions, research and information gained from their real life travels. Thus this is a website that is personal and professional, something that other travelers can identify with and trust.

-Our page meanwhile has developed a particular type of readership. Our statistics show that the majority of our audience consists of young professionals from the ages of 25-45 in English speaking countries. We primarily reach educated people who know what they are looking for in travel destinations and tourism experiences. This is the kind of client who values concise and practical information.

-We are well connected with many travel and tourism industries worldwide. On a daily basis we are interacting with major hotel chains, authorities and tourism authorities. Our experience in the industry has grown immensely due to this and we strive for the highest levels of professionalism.

-Our website continues to grow everyday. Our stats show that our page has grown every single month since we began at an exponential rate. Every month we reach over 130% of our previous visits and our social media followings in Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter are continually expanding.

-We feature a lot of exclusive content. Most of the information we publish cannot be found elsewhere or so clearly on the web. Thus our unique content attracts that many more curious travelers.


Rates and Specifications for website advertising placement:

We offer two ways in which you are able to advertise on our website:

1.   The Traditional Banner

You may send a banner to us that we will put in an agreed upon spot on our webpage.

We have standard prices for each banner, so please contact us and we will send you the rates.

Please contact us: for more information about those details.

2.   Sponsored posting:


This is written by a person or an agency or our staff upon request. The customer/advertiser controls 100% of the content but we still hold the rights for editorial review. We will inform our readers that the story is written by a guest author meaning that it is a sponsored post. The cost for this type of advertisement is a one time fee of $200 USD.



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