American Airlines Lounge Review Tampa Airport

American Airlines Lounge Review Tampa Airport

Tampa is a modern and efficient facility. There are high ceilings, lots of glass to let in the sunshine and good restaurant facilities. It does not however have that many lounges, just 2. We recently took advantage of the American Airlines Admiral’s Club and found it to be a very pleasant experience. 



The Lounge is in Airside F and is just next to gate 85 The hours of operation are from 5:15am till 7pm When stepping inside the automatic sliding glass door there is an option for stairs or an elevator up to the lounge floor. The floors is decorative stone and the walls are a polished wood that gives a classy touch to the experience. When we got to the 2nd floor there were two staff members at the check in desk who greeted us courteously.


Lounge Layout

The lounge runs horizontally along the side of the terminal with a great view of the runways and the tampa skyline in the backdrop. The outerwear is floor to ceiling glass which makes the panorama larger than life and again lets in copious amounts of sunshine. There are various arrangements of seating areas, from a bar top, to individual tables, to living room style seats.



There is a display of screens on the wall with the most updated flight information, however no announcements are made in the lounge so it is particularly important to pay attention to the signs on your own. Along this same wall space sits the snacks and food service provided throughout the day. During scheduled meal times there is hot food and dishes which one can enjoy. The food display was quite good for a United States carrier lounge, whose offerings are often inferior to many European and Asian carrier lounges. During all other operating hours one can have a range of fruits, snacks, hot and cold drinks. The bar area has an attendant on duty during most operating hours with complementary drinks and drinks for purchase.


Overall the lounge is nicely laid out, it has a quiet atmosphere, competent staff and it is a welcome facility in the Tampa Airport which is able to be used by American Airlines status holders, Priority Pass holders and can be accessed by anyone for $50 per visit.


American Airlines Lounge Review Tampa Airport


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