A travelers Introduction to Argentina

A travelers Introduction to Argentina


Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world by landmass and its North to South trajectory makes it quite diverse in landscapes. Considering all this it would be foolish to get too in depth in an introduction. Here we simply want to highlight some natural wonders and alluring cultural that can get the process of planning a trip started. 


Consider Distance

Argentina is an expensive place to visit mostly because of the distance to come here. Airlines have a good monopoly on prices because it is far from many other major world . Inside the country itself buses and trains function well, but distances are vast and the tickets are not as affordable as in neighboring countries.


Between the Mountains

Argentina has all varieties of landscapes, but it is sandwiched between 2 very impressive ranges, The Andes in the North where one can find the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere Aconcagua. In the Southernmost extreme there is the Patagonia landscape which is rich in glaciers, lakes, and stunning formations.


With miles to roam

Almost half of the country’s population lives in and around Buenos Aires. This means there are lots of lonely wide open spaces. Especially in the grasslands called Pampa where cattle raising, beef industry and classic cowboys can still be found. has 3100 miles of beaches and coastline. Mar de Plata is a well regarded spot and there are so many, however the ocean can be rough and cold in this part of the world, so pick a good spot.


Ingredients of Culture

Argentina is a melting pot of several European migrations, so the food tends to be rich, the culture varied and the displays are phenomenal. Buenos Aires has been called the Paris of Latin America for its squares, buildings, fountains and refined atmosphere. In recent years there has been something of a downturn, yet the city still boasts theater experiences, shopping, cuisine, clubs and fashion. The wine regions of the country are as varied as the terrains in which they grow. The most famous and largest producer is Mendoza.

A travelers Introduction to Argentina



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