A recommended Taxi Hire in Nawpyitaw, Myanmar

A recommended Taxi Hire in Nawpyitaw, Myanmar


Our trip to Myanmar and the capital city of Nawpyitaw was fascinating and unforgettable! We were concerned (as you might be right now before reading this article!) because information about the planned capital is sparse online. Not many tourists make it a destination since it is assumed to be uninteresting and only for government functions. Nothing could be further from the truth, there are spectacular buildings to explore, museums, temples a nearby old city and excellent

The reality of getting around:


The city is quite spread out because it has been built on a massive scale. It is truly visionary, it is not the “ghost town” people claim it to be, just a city planned to hold many more millions than it currently does. Infrastructure and roads rival some of the best boulevards in the world. There is as yet no public transport system, so the only way to get around is to hire a private car. This can be the hotel car of wherever you are staying (most expensive) a taxi, or even getting a motorbike ride (cheapest).


What was expected:

A recommended Taxi Hire in Nawpyitaw, Myanmar

Everything we had read online prior to our arrival indicated that a hotel car is safest and taxi’s were expensive to hire. It is not uncommon in Myanmar to hire taxis even for long haul routes as well as exploring a city, but this gets expensive. will of course repeat to you that their vehicles are safest due to the accountability of the driver, but it is not that taxi’s are unsafe. There can be a language barrier, misunderstanding of directions or cost that can happen anywhere. Our impression from online research was that a taxi rental to go around Naypyidaw for the day would be $50-90USD.


What we found:


The price of 50-90 USD might indeed be the price one pays in Naypyitaw if approaching or negotiating with a taxi on your own. In our case however we asked the hotel concierge to recommend a driver or company. Our concierge was excellent and hands on, she connected us with a driver who charged a standard rate of $10USD per hour. This young man spoke some English, was exceedingly friendly and made every stop we asked him. His car was clean and he charged us exactly the amount of hours we spent with him. We enjoyed his services and fairness so much we gave him all our business in Naypyitaw and told him we would recommend him to others.


Taxi Hire contact information Naypyitaw:


Our Driver was named: Pyae Phyo Kyaw

He can be reached at Services: (+95) 9-420747885 or 9-420747885



Matt and George

Matt and George

We are friends of many years. Living in opposite parts of the world, with different lives and responsibilities: History teacher and Medical Doctor. Sharing a passion for travel, hospitality, food, and wine. We love to inspire others to venture into these journeys of discovery and exploration.

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16 Responses

  1. Justin says:

    Phone number isn’t correct. (+95) 9420747885 or 09-420747885 both work — either leading “+95” or “0” but not both.

  2. Meg says:

    Hello we visited Naypyidaw and met your recommended driver Pyae Phyo and he was indeed excellent!

    09420747885 Is still his number

    Pyae Phyo Kyaw
    Car Rental Services

  3. Hayeon says:

    Hi there! I chanced upon this blog when i googled for taxi driver recommendation in Nay Pyi Taw, as i will be going there for business tomorrow.

    I would like to check how to connect with the driver – is it strictly by calling or will he respond to text messages as well? Simple English works for him?

    Thank you!

  4. Pyae Phyo Kyaw says:

    Thank so much for your recommendation for me. 🙂 Voyageur
    I still drive taxi in Nay Pyi Taw and can connect my Email: righttimeppk@gmail.com.
    My phone number still work: 09420747885.
    I always welcome all. hope you see you again in Nay Pyi Taw.

    Best Regards,
    Pyae Phyo Kyaw

  5. Tom says:

    Still providing a great service. Gave us tour of naypyidaw and even took us to inle lake the next day. Better than getting a taxi that’s come from Yangon/Mandalay which is all we could find. Thanks for the recommendation

  6. Peter says:

    We used the very comfortable services of Mr. Pyae Phyo Kyaw today as well. For half a day (5 hours) of sightseeing we paid 40.000 kyat. He is a really nice guy and we will use his service again for our transport to the bus station in 2 days.

  7. He is an Excellent we have ever seen in NPT. We have been working with him for about 6 years in NPT. Nowadays, he established his own Car Rental Service Group called PPK Car Rental Service for 24 hours. He has got better graded cars to serve you guys anytime.

  8. Lisa says:

    I am currently a faculty member on an around-the-world Semester at Sea voyage. As an architectural historian I had wanted to visit the city since my last voyage and visit to Myanmar in 2015 and was not sure if it would be logistically possible to do so. Finding this recommendation and being able to arrange a driver ahead of time gave me confidence that we could make the trip. We hired Mr. Pyae Phyo Kyaw to pick us up at the Bus station (we took a JJ bus from Yangon—you can buy tickets online) and drive us around Naypyitaw and then on to Bagan with a stop at Mount Popa. Because museums were closed on Monday, the full day we were in the capital, we stayed over part of the next day and spent the following morning visiting the National Defense Museum (don’t miss it–you could spend days there!) and then made a brief stop at the National Museum before heading to Bagan. Mr. Pyae Phyo Kyaw was pleasant, professional, and helpful. He gave us a good introduction to the city in the little time we had there. His recommendation of places to stop for food were good and his car, a Toyota Crown, was extremely comfortable. We had an amazing experience and I highly recommend Mr. Pyae Phyo Kyaw if you are looking for a driver in Naypyitaw.

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience Lisa, we are so glad to hear Mr. Kyaw is doing well and that you had such a great time. We were impressed meeting him several years ago especially when logistics were so difficult in Naypyitaw. Its wonderful that our experience and his work ethic have enabled many to enjoy the experience. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

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