Dinner in the middle of the Indian Ocean: Male, Maldives

Dinner in the middle of the Indian Ocean: Male, Maldives


If you have arrived to the island paradise that is you’ve probably come from quite a distance to explore the luxuries of these pristine atolls and paradise type isles. The main of arrival is just next to the capital island and city of Male.


While some may transfer immediately to their final destination resort, many choose to spend their first or last night in Male so as to break up the trip, experience the city or even spend their entire vacation here. Whichever category you find yourself in, you will undoubtedly be both hungry and in the mood for relaxation at some point. Why not go for a place that is unique, fun and savory just upon arrival?


The main gateway to Male is the ferry port from which anyone coming from the airport arrives. Just to the left hand side on the second floor above the ferry office, one can see the impressive Sea House.


This is a great spot with unparalleled views both inside and out. One can watch innumerable ferries and flights come and go and bask in the beautiful hues of blue in sea and sky. The menu is packed with all kinds of international and local food at great prices and the finishing touch is the great and often strong ocean breeze that fills both the trendy interior and the open air deck.


The atmosphere is relaxed and it seems a popular meeting place for groups of friends, visitors and those just looking to chill out and get some work done. The staff are friendly and prompt and the places is wired with good tunes, TV and wifi. For everything from breakfast to snacks to main courses one can’t go wrong at Sea House in Male, a great hangout in the capital.



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