2018: The Best Spas of the Year

2018: The Best Spas of the Year

Our spa experiences are one of the highlights we indulge in everywhere we travel. It is part of the hospitality along with service, luxury and food that we like to find in a destination and lucky for us many places around the world take their well being seriously.

2018: The Best Spas of the Year

This is the kickoff article to describe what we find intriguing about the best spas we have encountered and it will be followed by a series of ten articles on specific Spas we have found to be exemplary and we will be telling you why each one is good in detail.


So what makes a spa great?

2018: The Best Spas of the Year

It comes down of course to a memorable experience in itself. There are several elements that come together for us which are personal yet general enough to objectively say one spa has outstanding qualities. Some of these are:


  1. Finding an excellent treatment at a great value. It is not about looking for a cheap treatment, rather there are spas in certain destinations that deliver the same or better quality treatments at a fraction of the cost in other destinations.
  2. A good sense of privacy, some spas create a wonderful atmosphere between the layout and the reception of the guest that allow you to feel the entire place is arranged just for you.
  3. They really listen to your input. Almost every spa has you fill out a form addressing specific needs and requests, however whether the therapist actually pays attention to this or not is another story. Spas where the therapist double checks the requests and follows through score high on our scale.
  4. The Spa treatment is part of an overall relaxation and wellness regimen. Sometimes the spa staff seem perplexed that we would like to arrive early to use the wellness amenities or to relax afterwards in a lounge or tea room. Not being rushed and allowing for the ritual type experience is important to us and we like spas that understand and even encourage this type of pre and post relaxation.


How does a spa experience contribute to traveling?

2018: The Best Spas of the Year

For some a spa might seem like an extra or completely unrelated to a travel experience. For us it goes hand in hand with encountering and enjoying all that a destination has to offer. In addition to being relaxed from the toll that traveling takes on the body, booking a spa treatment can allow you to encounter local hospitality, herbs, wellness rituals. Many offer treatments in packages, deals and discounts even to non hotel guests. This can be a great way to experience a hotel you decided not to stay at in a destination but in fact you wanted to experience.


Below we will be linking the list of top ten spas as we publish them. Stay tuned and weigh in:


Mandarin Oriental Sanya China


The Ritz Carlton Bangalore, India


JW Marriott Mussoorie, India


Waldorf Astoria Park City, USA


Four Seasons Kyoto, Japan


The Peninsula Bangkok, Thailand


The Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi, UAE


The Raffles Istanbul, Turkey


Ritz Carlton Langkawi, Malaysia


The Raffles Jakarta, Indonesia



I am a medical student and a world traveler native to Costa Rica, but I have lived in seven different countries and travelled to more than 100. I am vegetarian and a lover of wines. My favourite destinations always include the mountains, wild nature and places were I can bike.


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